Lava bead necklace for Breast Cancer patients

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I have a special hate for breast cancer. I’ve watched it ravage the lives of some very dear friends.

I am partnering with Going Beyond the Pink to give a SMH Jewelry sterling silver lava bead necklace to every woman diagnosed with breast cancer in New Hanover County and the surrounding counties. I am told that there are over 700 newly diagnosed cases every year in just that area! The necklace would go in a bag with other items (such as essential oils to use with the necklace during / after treatment and Beautycounter skincare kits plus other self care items) to help bring a tiny bit of relief during a breast cancer patient’s journey.  

Would you partner with me by donating $15/necklace to help defray my cost? I’ll donate the rest. Sponsor as many necklaces as you’d care to! 

If you'd like to donate a necklace in honor of someone or in memory of someone, let me know in the notes (or email me) and I will acknowledge your gift :-)

Thank you for caring and sharing!